The Misguided MUD

Caracas Chronicles

camelBoy, this communiqué from the MUD in response to Barack Obama’s recent Executive Order is a clear example of the old adage about a camel being a horse designed by a committee. What a mish-mash.

Let’s break it down – what is the text saying?

1. Venezuela is not a threat, and the only thing that is a threat are the government’s policies.

Really? Venezuela is not a threat to Colombia’s stability? What about Venezuela’s position in the UN Security Council – by aligning itself with Russia and China, does it not become a threat to US foreign policy? Furthermore, their attempt to change the topic into domestic policy is lame and coarsely done. “Foreign policy? We only want to talk about people lining up on the streets! Do’t ask us about foreign policy!”

2. We have consistently rejected measures against a country, but we are OK with measures…

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